Cooking Classes

The Tuscan cuisine is made up​​ of stories and food that evoke ancient traditions, which recall to our mind memories about peasant and noble dishes, which offer smells, aromas and genuine flavours allowing you to dip in white flour and golden eggs .

t is said that Catherine de 'Medici in 1533, as she went to France to marry the son of King Francesco I, took some of the best chefs in that time from Florence with her, their talent astonished the French.

The Tuscan cuisine is full of dishes and recipes such as the historical “Cibreo”, a dish made ​​with chicken giblets, of which Caterina De 'Medici was really greedy, the “Ribollita” with the flavour of olive oil , black cabbage and beans, the “Panzanella” that tells about homemade stale bread and vegetables from the garden and the “Tomato bread soup” flavoured with basil and garlic. This is the cooking that Sandro, one of the heirs of this tradition, proposes in his cooking classes to students eager to learn and enjoy. The school offers the opportunity to share informal culinary evenings where it is possible to improve, to taste and to smell the pleasant fragrance of single elements and their combinations. Among the friendly walls of the restaurant you can calmly enjoy the taste of warm sugar and the aroma of meat and spices, together with lovers or just interested about cookery.